Chemotherapy Side Effects

Before + After - Chemotherapy RashChemotherapy burns produce erythema, which is a reddening of the skin. Along with pain, there may be large blisters, called bullae. The palms and the soles may be affected and the pain from this rash may be so severe that daily activities are limited. These symptoms can be preceded by dysaesthesia, or an altered sensation of the skin.

Chemotherapy role is to damage rapidly dividing cells, the key trait of cancer cells. In the process of chemotherapy, healthy cells that are also rapidly dividing, such as skin cells, are also damaged. Because the chemical is widespread throughout the body, the damage to the skin may also be widespread. In contrast, radiation therapy damages only those skin cells that are in the path of the radiation beam.

Supportive care for chemotherapy burns may include an analgesic (pain relief) and cold compress. Consult with your medical professional for the best course of action.

Side Effects and NeoGenesis Products for the Skin

Recovery serum by NeoGenesis is recommended after chemotherapy to help restore homeostasis in the skin and in the nail beds.  Recovery is abundant in our patented S²RM® molecules.

Begin on skin gently cleansed with the NeoGenesis Cleanser.  Apply Recovery serum on the areas that are affected. Do this twice daily, then follow Recovery with Barrier Renewal Cream or Intensive Moisturizer which will help to restore the barrier and provide much needed hydration to the skin. 

Moisturizing Mist may be used to soothe the skin throughout the day as needed. 

Simple topical application of these products should help mitigate redness, irritation, and pain. By applying these products to the cuticle and skin surrounding your nails, it may help to alleviate unsightly changes in the appearance of your nails.

Chemotherapy Side Effects of the Hair 

To promote regrowth of the hair on the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows, NeoGenesis has hair care products to feed needed nutrients to the hair follicle to bring back health to the hair that is thinning or has been lost due to chemotherapy treatments.

For the Hair: On a damp scalp (hair does not need to be shampooed), part the hair and put a drop(s) of the NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum into the scalp at the part (the number of drops will depend upon the size of the area). Massage the product into the scalp. Repeat wherever hair loss has occurred.  It is recommended to repeat this twice daily for the first 30 days of use, then once daily after until results are achieved.

For Eyelashes: For lashes that have thinned, use the brush applicator of the NeoGenesis NeoLash to draw a fine line across the lash line. Repeat twice daily for the first 30 days, then once daily after until results are achieved.

For Eyebrows: For brows that have thinned, use the spoolie applicator of the NeoGenesis NeoBrow to groom the product into the brows. Repeat twice daily for the first 30 days, then once daily after until results are achieved.


Before + After - Chemo ScarringNeoGenesis Oncology Safe Skincare“This customer recently went through topical Chemotherapy on face using Fluorouracil (5FU) which caused scars. She felt that topical chemotherapy treatment was her only option, and applied it 2x a day for 3 weeks. It was very painful and she was “red and beefy” 3 days shy of 3 weeks, so she quit the topical treatment. The deep scars were underneath her skin, so texture is smooth but the color was very red. She began using Recovery serum and contacted us to discuss product usage. We recommended the following products: Cleanser, Recovery, Moisturizing Mist and Barrier Renewal Cream – 2x daily. These before and after photos were taken 3 weeks apart.” ~ TN

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryMoisturizing Mist, Barrier Renewal Cream

“My father is treated with Xeloda for recurrent colon cancer. He suffered from cracks and bruises on his hands, fingers, and feet after chemotherapy. When I ordered ‘NeoGenesis Recovery’ for the first time, I didn’t expect too much. Recovery is amazing. It helped to fix his different wounds. I am now ordering from you regularly. I don’t know how many people have the same problem after chemotherapy with Xeloda (which is the regular treatment for colon and breast cancer), but Recovery can be a huge help with cuts, bruising, swelling of joints, etc.” ~ EA

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive MoisturizerMoisturizing Mist

Before + After - Chemotherapy Rash“I would like to say thank you so much for sending the products. I am completely in love. As you know I take chemotherapy, called Rituximab. The infusion causes a serious rash. I have applied Nystatin powder prescribed by my doctor, but that requires at least a week for some relief and several weeks to totally heal. After just one treatment visit and the products they gave me (Recovery + Intensive Moisturizer) I am completely healed.” ~ HB

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer

“Love it. I’m going through Chemotherapy and my skin is very dry, or I should say WAS drying out. This moisturizer has my skin soft and supple again.” ~ AS – Art of Skin Care

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

“This is the best treatment serum I have ever used. Just Fabulous. Give it a try. You will never go back to any other. Look at the science.”  ~ CLK

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum

“All I can say to you is that I could not be happier with how things worked out.  It is like a miracle as far as I am concerned.  Unbelievable.  I now look like a normal person, even without makeup on.  Also the most important thing, no pain, which diminished pretty quickly when I started your products.  I am thrilled with that and would recommend your products to anyone. In fact, when I go into my doctor for my 3-month check-up I will bring some information on it with me because they should be promoting it in their office if they are going to be doing those kinds of procedures and others. They do other types of surgeries there too.” ~ ES

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer

Before + After - Chemo RashCondition Treated: Sores and rash on her legs (side effect of her chemo for Breast Cancer)

Patient Feedback:

“I had a severe skin reaction from two powerful chemotherapy drugs (Adriamycin / Cytoxin) that were administered every other day for four weeks. The worst reaction was on my legs which had raised red areas and many of these were blisters. We had tried Calendula Oil by Bodyceuticals. The rash would subside and then come back worse than before.

Tracy introduced me to NeoGenesis Recovery serum. I applied it twice a day to the affected areas. In one week, I had a huge improvement. The redness faded, the raised areas diminished, the blisters went away, and the itching stopped. Recovery serum is a miracle product. I highly recommend it to anyone with skin issues from chemo.”  ~ CP


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“This patient was on topical chemo for 30 days and told to only use OTC Vaseline. Her face was bleeding. She was in significant pain and the itching was driving her absolutely insane. We did two applications of Recovery over the next 24 hours. She stated her pain and itchiness levels dropped substantially in 24 hours.”  ~ TL

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery


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