Science Essentials

NeoGenesis products are science and evidence based for the skin and hair.  The science section of our website will continue to expand and evolve as new research leads to the development of new products and enhanced ways of using them for the best results.  NeoGenesis is devoted to the process of using the most up to date science to develop the safest and most effective products available.

To this end, we are fortunate to have relationships with a number of venerable organizations, such as: The SRM Living Foundry at UCSD; Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering at UC Santa Barbara; La Jolla Research Institute, a non-profit institute for medical neuroscience research and education; the California Physiological Society in Berkeley, California, and the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Group in Santa Barbara, California.

The Science Essentials portion of our website is divided into three sub-sections that provide varied levels of content. The Consumer Science section is ideal for retail customers. The Professional Science section has more depth on the thought process behind the development of our scientific approach. Finally, the section entitled, Advanced Science, has an array of white papers and links to many resources.

We welcome your comments, your additions, and your connections with other thought leaders.