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FAQs - NeoGenesis Products

Product Safety

Are there any contraindications for using NeoGenesis products?

No. There are no known contraindications. Our products can be used for all skin types and all skin conditions. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your physician prior to using Salicylic Acid Gel and Skin Restore Serum as the active ingredients in these products are often contraindicated.

Can NeoGenesis products be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Yes. Most NeoGenesis products can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, we recommend consulting your physician prior to using Salicylic Acid Gel and Skin Restore Serum as the active ingredients in these products are often contraindicated.

Product Usage

Can I use NeoGenesis with other product lines?

Yes. NeoGenesis works beautifully with all other product lines. The key to success is to use our serums first, then layer other products over our serums. Because our patented technology has its own delivery system, it is important to use them first for that delivery system to get into the deeper layers of the skin. Please contact us at customerservice@neogenesispro.com.au for specific usage questions.


Are NeoGenesis products oncology friendly?

Most of our products are oncology friendly, except Salicylic Acid Gel, Mandelic Acid 8%, Fresh Face Mask, Volcanic Ash Mask and Skin Restore Serum. All masks may be used 6 months after completing any cancer treatments, or sooner if approved by your health care professional. We recommend consulting your physician prior to using either Mandelic Acid 8%, Salicylic Acid Gel and Skin Restore Serum after any cancer treatments.

If purchasing in the US, the Enzyme Crème Mask may be used 6 months after completing any cancer treatments, or sooner if approved by your health care professional. 

Can growth factors cause cancer?

Some isolated growth factors, particularly where one or a few factors are used at high concentrations may increase the probability of cancerous growth.

Some other stem cell companies products use high levels of EGF, a concern because EGF signals cells to divide. Other stem cell companies products use the growth factors from bone marrow stem cells that have also been found to induce cells to divide.

We do not use such technologies at NeoGenesis. Instead, we use a whole collection of proteins from stem cell types in the skin that normalize skin function and prevent the abnormal division of cells.

In studies performed for FDA approval, the patented technology at NeoGenesis causes no genetic mutations and no ontological effects.

Recovery Serum

What is NeoGenesis Recovery?

Recovery is our top of the line product with 70% of our stem cell released molecules.

A breakthrough in skin science and abundant in our patented S²RM® technology, this powerhouse serum improves the appearance of aging skin while calming and soothing skin redness and irritation.

Recovery may be used once or twice daily to improve the appearance of even the most damaged, ageing skin.

Recovery can be used on skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

How long does Recovery last per bottle?

Recovery 5ml is expected to last approximately 18 days by using 2 pumps once per day. Recovery 15ml is expected to last approximately 3 months when using 1 pump once per day. Recovery 30ml is expected to last approximately 6 months when using a half pump once per day.

How long before I see results with Recovery?

While results may vary from person to person, for overall improved texture and skin health, results may be evident in a matter of days. For fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, acne etc., results often take 3-6 months to see major improvements in the skin. Continued usage may improve the skin over time using Recovery in your daily skin care routine.

Can Recovery be used on open wounds?

Yes. It may sting slightly due to a different pH level from the open skin/wound. The stinging sensation is normal in this case and only lasts for a few seconds.

Can Recovery be used with microneedling?

Yes, it can be used before and after, and should be continued twice daily until healing is complete. If skin is very thin and damaged, it is recommended to use Recovery a month in advance of the microneedling treatment for the best results. Click here to learn more >>

Can Recovery be used with LED light therapy?

Yes. You may use Recovery after red or blue light therapy in the treatment room.

How do I use Recovery while getting radiation treatments?

Recovery can be used twice a day and is recommended to use for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to radiation treatments but should not be used 4 hours before the radiation treatment. Immediately after a radiation treatment, start by spraying the Moisturizing Mist to the area of treatment. Second, apply Recovery to the area. We have Recovery in a spray version to target a larger area. Last, apply the Barrier Renewal Cream. Do this twice daily or as needed to comfort the skin. Some clients have had their doctors recommend Recovery 3 times a day. Speak with your health care professional about using Recovery with radiation treatments.

What is the difference between Recovery and Skin Serum?

Recovery is our most powerful serum, with 70% S²RM® patented technology. It is not hydrating or drying and absorbs completely upon application to support and balance the skin.

Skin Serum has a lower percentage of the stem cell released molecules at 20%, however, it has added glycerin in the formulation to hydrate the skin.

What is the difference between Recovery and Booster?

Recovery is our most powerful serum, with 70% S²RM® patented technology. It is not hydrating or drying and absorbs completely upon application to support and balance the skin.

Booster has a lower percentage of the stem cell released molecules at 40%, however, it has added sodium hyaluronate butyrate (high molecular weight hyaluronic acid) in the formulation to hydrate the skin.

Can Moisturizing Mist be used with Recovery or will it dilute it?

For larger areas or those with dry skin, Moisturizing Mist may be spritzed on the skin before the application of Recovery. Moisturizing Mist gives dry skin needed hydration so Recovery spreads easier. It does not dilute the product.

Can I use hyaluronic acid with Recovery?

Yes. Apply Recovery first, after cleansing, then layer the hyaluronic acid serum on top of the Recovery. You can also simplify by choosing Booster instead, which has a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate butyrate) in the formulation to hydrate the skin with one product.

Why does NeoGenesis Recovery have an unusual odour?

NeoGenesis Recovery has a high concentration of the S²RM® (stem cell released molecules) comprised of a high concentration of different types of proteins that have a distinct odour. The distinct odour is natural, and does not effect the efficacy of the product. This product can be used where scent-free formulations are required and for those sensitive to scent in products, NeoGenesis Recovery contains no added scent that would mask the odour of the proteins.

Skin Restore Serum

Is retinoate the same as retinol?

Basically, retinoate and retinol do the same thing, but retinoate does it more efficiently.

Retinol is a widely recognized form of Vitamin A that is dominating the skincare market. But what many products don’t tell you is that retinol doesn’t act immediately or alone. It must first convert into retinoic acid and transition into tretinoin to activate the retinoic acid receptors (RARs) responsible for regulating cell differentiation and growth. 

This conversion is facilitated by specific enzymes within cells and while it is beneficial, many cosmetic products use milder forms of retinoids that need to transform in the skin in order to work, which can make some of these retinol products less effective. 

To circumvent these issues, scientists identified novel molecules that can directly stimulate retinoic acid pathways. Retinoate, or Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR), transforms into both retinoic acid and retinol upon skin contact, delivering immediate and long-term benefits. This dual-action conversion bypasses the need for conversion and caters to the skin’s needs from the moment of application. 

Is it as effective as retinol?

Yes. It has all of the efficacy without the irritation because the retinoid we use (Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, or HPR) is a form of retinoic acid, so the skin can use it immediately and benefit from it immediately instead of having to go through a conversion process.

What is the difference between retinoate and retinaldehyde? Please explain what a retinoate is.

Retinoate is a type of retinoid that provides instant and delayed benefits, as it binds directly to retinoid receptor in the skin compared to retinaldehyde that needs to undergo more conversions. This makes retinoate more effective. We use it at a lower percentage to prevent the side effects of using vitamin A at higher percentages, making it safe to use on sensitive skin types and not compromise the skin barrier.

Can Skin Restore Serum be used along with tretinoin or on alternating nights?

If using tretinoin, there is no need to add another vitamin A product to your skin care routine. Adding another would be too much.

Should retinoate be a part of my skincare routine?

The answer is yes, if you experience flaking skin with retinol products. Retinoate has the same benefits as retinol but is better for sensitive skin.

You have tried or want to try tretinoin. Retinoate was nearly as effective as prescription tretinoin when measuring increased gene transcription levels.

You struggle with post-breakout marks. Retinoate restores Vitamin A to the skin, which can help unclog pores without harsh scrubbing.

Should you apply Skin Restore Serum on dry skin?

A lot of retinoids will irritate the skin. The retinoid we use (Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, or HPR) is non-irritating and is already an active molecule, so you can apply our product to dry or moist skin.

Do you have to let it sink in before applying a moisturizer?

It’s definitely best to let it sink in so you don’t dilute the serum and it has a chance to penetrate the skin fully for best results.

Eye Serum

How long does it take to see results from using the Eye Serum and what are some of the benefits?

The length of time will depend upon how much damage is visible and how the skin responds to treatment. Someone with very little damage or just beginning to show signs of ageing can often see results within a week. Someone that has more damage will take longer to see results. Eye Serum has 10% of stem cell released molecules for the ageing skin and contains special ingredients to help with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Dark circles and puffiness can have many causes and aren’t related to skin issues, but rather other things going on with the body (stress, heredity, poor diet, lack of sleep, allergies, lifestyle choices, etc.)

Results may vary, but improvement typically takes from 60-90 days.

Erase The Day

Does the ingredient Isopropyl Myristate in Erase The Day makeup remover block the pores?

No. The ingredient Isopropyl Myristate does not block pores, and is not comedogenic. Erase The Day is a safe and effective makeup remover that features carefully chosen ingredients that are all ranked low in the Environmental Workgroup’s (EWG) analysis of an ingredient’s induction. NeoGenesis takes great care and research before adding ingredients into all product formulations.


Does the NeoGenesis Cleanser maintain the skin’s pH?

Yes. NeoGenesis Cleanser is specially formulated to gently cleanse and refresh the skin morning and night without the use of sulfates or other harmful ingredients. The cleanser gently removes makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying the skin or affecting the natural pH balance.

Moisturizing Mist

Can Moisturizing Mist be used with Recovery or will it dilute it?

For larger areas or those with dry skin, Moisturizing Mist may be spritzed on the skin before the application of Recovery. Moisturizing Mist gives dry skin needed hydration so Recovery spreads easier. It does not dilute the product.

Barrier Renewal Cream

What is the difference between the NeoGenesis moisturizers and the Barrier Renewal Cream?

The NeoGenesis Light Moisturizer, Intensive Moisturizer, and Body Cream contain 5% of our patented S²RM® technology, providing nutrients into the skin. Our Barrier Renewal Cream does not contain S²RM® and is intended to calm redness and strengthen the skin barrier. Choose the Barrier Renewal Cream for moisturizing an inflammatory skin condition such as acne and eczema. Choose the Light Moisturizer for treating oily skin types and those who are living in a humid climate. Choose the Intensive Moisturizer for treating dry skin types and those living in a dry climate.

Glide Gel

What is the main ingredient in the NeoGenesis Glide Gel that makes it so effective?

The main ingredient in our conductive Glide Gel is glycerin. Glycerin is a prebiotic for the skin and is an effective humectant, providing hydration to the skin and the slip needed for any and all the devices you may be using in your treatment room.

Hair Thickening Serum

How do the NeoGenesis hair products differ from other brands?

Our hair products differ from other brands as we do not use prostaglandins (hormones) and zero side effects have been reported. 

How long does it take for the NeoGenesis hair products to work?

Typically 2 hair cycles, so a few months, for lashes and brows and 6 months or so for hair.

If a bottle of Hair Thickening Serum lasts approximately 3-6 weeks, does it matter if it only lasts 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks?

The length of time a bottle lasts is completely dependent upon the size of the area being treated. Some only need it for the temples so a bottle would last for a long time. Everyone is different in terms of seeing results. There are so many different types and causes of hair loss that it is impossible to predict any outcome.

Would you get better results from Hair Thickening Serum if two bottles were used back to back? 

It depends. Expectations are that you would see some kind of result within 2 months. At some point, if you do not see any additional hair growth, you likely won’t, regardless of how long you use it. In general, it is recommended that you use the product until you see the results you want to see. At that point, you can continue indefinitely (the product will never cause any problems) or you may switch to a program of using a bottle, then backing off for a couple of months, then use it again, etc., to see how you do on that. You could also go to 3 days a week as a maintenance protocol after you’ve achieved results. We’ve seen people who use one bottle then never need it again or people that stay on it year round.

Your maintenance program recommends using the Hair Thickening Serum 3-4 times per year to keep healthy hair. How do you know when you use the serum again? Is it every 3 months or every 4 months?

Similar to skin care, you can adjust your routine as you carefully monitor your situation. It will require trying things out as this isn’t an exact science. If you’ve experienced hair loss or hair thinning and want to stay on top of it, use it sooner, rather than later. Waiting an extra month would not be detrimental as you learn what works for you.

Is there prostaglandin in the NeoGenesis hair products?

We don’t use prostaglandins or any other hormones in our products.

I am currently taking an aromatase inhibitor following cancer treatments and have hair thinning. Will using your Hair Thickening Serum have any positive impact for me?

We have had women experiencing menopause, when estrogen levels drop, use NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum with good results. Therefore, given that aromatase inhibitors lower estrogen, Hair Thickening Serum may work in this case too. It is definitely worth a try, but it may require 2-3 months to see results.

I was interested in the products but I actually planned to use it for my beard. I know there a good chance this has probably never been tested in this facial area.

Hair Thickening Serum is appropriate for any hair, not simply the scalp. Definitely try it on the beard area to supplement hair growth in that area.

Can Hair Thickening Serum and Minoxidil be used together?

Yes they can. You may want to consider using them at opposite times of the day. Use the prescription Minoxidil as directed by your health care professional and use the Hair Thickening Serum at the opposite time of the day. It may be used either morning or evening.

NeoLash + NeoBrow

Can the NeoLash + NeoBrow products be used before and after receiving professional lash and brow treatments, such as a lash tint, lash lift, brow tint or brow lamination?

Yes. NeoLash and NeoBrow, unlike some prescribed lash and brow treatments, do not contain any harsh chemicals which could cause concern. These chemicals come with a warning regarding side effects and should never be used along with an aesthetic treatment or immediately following. NeoLash and NeoBrow will not change the outcome of any of the professional treatments.

Have you seen any improvement with alopecia clients using NeoLash?

NeoLash contains the core S3RM® technology to renormalize the physiology of the hair follicle and should help with alopecia.


Does NeoGenesis have products that help with bruising discoloration?

We recommend Recovery and Eye Serum for bruised areas to clear the purple and yellow colors in the bruise that are due to heme and bilirubin.

Mature + Ageing Skin

I’m just beginning to show signs of ageing and want a great serum to begin with. What does NeoGenesis recommend?

We recommend Skin Serum as a daily serum for the first signs of ageing. It has an abundance of stem cell released molecules and provides hydration. It also can be used around the eye area.

Does NeoGenesis have a serum that is stronger than Skin Serum but still hydrates and nourishes the skin?

Yes. Our advanced serum is Booster. It has double the stem cell released molecules of Skin Serum. It is very hydrating to the skin and provides a beautiful finish.

Stem Cells

What kind off stem cells are in your products?

Our products contain molecules from adult human stem cells, that reside in the deep dermal layer and subcutaneous layer of the skin. These are the resident stem cells in the skin that repair and maintain our skin throughout our lifetime.

Where do your stem cell released molecules come from?

NeoGenesis sources the stem cell released molecules from healthy human donors that go to tissue banks within the United States. They are carefully tested and the process is highly regulated by the FDA.

What are the percentages of stem cell released molecules in the NeoGenesis products?

Recovery 70%, Booster 40%, Skin Serum 20%, Eye Serum 10%, Intensive Moisturizer 5%, Light Moisturizer 5%, Moisturizing Mist 1%, Hair Serum 60%, NeoLash 60%, NeoBrow 60%.


What is Sodium Hyaluronate Butyrate?

Sodium Hyaluronate Butyrate was created to both improve the properties of hyaluronic acid as well as add additional important hydrating and soothing benefits. It lasts much longer in the skin so the benefits are provided throughout the day as it resists enzyme degradation in the skin. It gives an elegant feel to the texture of any product it is included in.

Do the products contain antioxidants?

Yes. The antioxidants are within the molecules. The molecules have what is called “antioxidant cascades”. They are part of the correctly folded proteins that make up our exosome technology we refer to when explaining our products. These antioxidants are very balanced and give the skin exactly what it needs. There are 2 forms of Vitamin C in the Moisturizing Mist but no other antioxidants are added to the other NeoGenesis products.

What antioxidants are part of S²RM® and NeoGenesis moisturizers?

Superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, HO-1, and catalase are part of the antioxidant mix contained in S²RM®. HO-1 in particular, is good for vascular inflammation. In the moisturizers, butyrate, tocopherol, ubiquinone, and orange oil are antioxidants.

Can Lactic Acid in products be used for barrier damaged skin?

Lactic Acid in the NeoGenesis products can be used for barrier damaged skin. The reason for this is that when lactic acid is used in lower concentrations, as in Recovery, it works as a humectant, pulling water into the outer layer of the skin. This increases your skin’s moisture level (not oil, but moisture) as it increases the ceramides in the skin. Ceramides are very important as part of what is needed by the skin to repair and restore the barrier.

Chemical Peels

How do I use NeoGenesis products after a chemical peel?

The skin is in a more fragile state after a chemical peel and care must be taken to not cause further damage. For a minimum of 2 weeks after the chemical peel, gently cleanse with our Cleanser, spritz the skin with Moisturizing Mist, apply Recovery, and follow with the Barrier Renewal Cream. Use this protocols twice daily. The skin will be dry and peeling. Use Moisturizing Mist throughout the day as needed for soothing relief. Click here to learn more >>


Is using a Vitamin C serum needed when using NeoGenesis serums?

No, it is not necessary to combine a Vitamin C product with NeoGenesis products. No other added vitamins are needed as the exosomes contain antioxidants. If you love products containing Vitamin C or Vitamin A, for example, you may continue to use them with NeoGenesis products with excellent results.

Is it possible to use NeoGenesis products in conjunction with Vitamin C products?

Yes. There are two ways to use Vitamin C with NeoGenesis serums. One is to always apply the NeoGenesis products first, then layer the Vitamin C product afterwards. The exosomes immediately go to work deep within the skin so the Vitamin C will not damage or block the exosomes. The other way is to use NeoGenesis products at one time of the day and the Vitamin C at the other time. Example: Vitamin C in the AM and NeoGenesis products in the PM.

Can I use prescription tretinoin or retinols with Recovery and other NeoGenesis products?

Yes. When using prescription Retin-A (tretinoin) of any strength, we advise to use Recovery, Booster, or Skin Serum at the opposite time of the day. It is best to use prescriptions alone or with a moisturizer. Using other retinol products, they may be applied at opposite times of the day or apply the NeoGenesis serum first, then layer the retinol product next.