Skin + Hair Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance and Improvement

Skin and Hair Maintenance - Ongoing Maintenance and ImprovementNeoGenesis has a number of products that are perfect for ongoing maintenance and improvement of the general health of the skin. In additional to the base S2RM®, there are a number of other ingredients that provide the skin with the nutrition to remind itself of it did during its youthful stage.

Hair Science

The skin constantly renews itself throughout adult life and the hair follicle undergoes a perpetual cycle of growth and degeneration. Stem cells (SCs) residing in the epidermis and hair follicle ensure the maintenance of adult skin homeostasis and hair regeneration. Mature epidermis is a stratified squamous epithelium whose outermost layer is the skin surface. Only the innermost (basal) layer is mitotically active. The basal layer produces, secretes, and assembles an extracellular matrix (ECM), which constitutes much of the underlying basement membrane that separates the epidermis from the dermis. During activation of the hair follicle, the intradermal adipocyte layer greatly increases the skin’s thickness, and is involved in directing the cycling of hair growth. The hair follicle is an integral component of the skin.  As such, not only will the various stem cell types within the follicle, including those in the bulge region of the follicle, contribute to hair growth (Blanpain et al, 2004), but also the stem cells in the surrounding skin will contribute to hair growth through the release of a number of molecules, including PDGF (Fest et al, 2011).

The NeoGenesis S²RM® strategy for hair growth recognizes the complex mixture of molecules secreted by multiple stem cell types to be a “systems therapeutic,” which will closely mimic the collective actions of the multiple stem cell types in their native state in the human body. S²RM® consists of methods for culturing adult stem cells and progenitor cells in a proprietary, patented manner, and the “secretome” created by these cells is harvested, purified, and formulated into a topical for treating thinning hair. Specifically, no living cells are present in the formula, only the molecular secretome. The selection of specific stem cell types and culturing conditions leads to the development of a formula specifically suited for the scalp and hair follicle. In this manner, not only is the hair follicle reconditioned with the S²RM® molecules, but the surrounding skin and adipocyte lineage stem cells contained within are restored to a state of normal homeostasis to facilitate hair growth.

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