Before + After - DermatitisDermatitis Causes

Dermatitis is a general term that describes diseases that result in inflammation of the skin. There are several different forms of dermatitis including:

  • atopic dermatitis
  • allergic contact dermatitis
  • irritant contact dermatitis

While the exact cause of dermatitis is often unknown, cases are believed to involve a combination of irritation, allergy and poor venous return. Regardless of the cause, this inflammation appears as redness, swelling, severe itching and in some cases, blistering.

Diagnosis and Conventional Treatment

To diagnose dermatitis, the doctor will ask for a medical history and examine each of the symptoms. Every person has their own mix of symptoms that can change over time. It is important to try and find the cause, especially with contact dermatitis so the offensive substance can be removed or avoided. When dermatitis flares up, care of the skin becomes more important than ever. Harsh ingredients must be avoided and replaced with soothing, nutrient rich products that calm and heal the skin naturally. Steroid cream therapy is often used to calm the symptoms but can only be used for extremely short periods of time due to the side effects of thinned and more sensitive skin. Steroids suppress the symptoms but do not heal the skin. Antihistamines are often prescribed and can provide some relief from scratching, especially during sleep.

NeoGenesis Products for Dermatitis Relief

NeoGenesis skin care products contain the patented S²RM® molecules that naturally infused nutrient-rich molecules to the skin. By providing the best climate for calming and hydrating the skin, areas of irritation are reduced, allowing symptoms to subside.

Our advanced product Recovery, abundant in S²RM® molecules, is the best choice when dermatitis flares up on the skin. Cleanse the area affected with NeoGenesis Cleanser. Apply Recovery, then follow with Intensive MoisturizerBarrier Renewal Cream or Body Cream as often as needed to calm the skin. Use Recovery on cleansed skin, twice daily for as long as the problem persists. Recovery can be used on all areas of the body, including around the eyes. When combined with the proper internal protocol, NeoGenesis can aid in supporting the skin and soothing the general discomfort from dermatitis.

For ongoing comfort and to reduce the chances of the dermatitis reappearing, transition over to the use of our NeoGenesis Skin Serum once or twice daily, followed by the application of our Intensive Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream or Body Cream. Our S²RM® technology found in Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer and Body Cream will continue to naturally feed nutrients into the skin.  This creates healthy layers within the skin and a stronger, improved skin barrier.  The healthier and stronger the skin is, the less chance of dermatitis reoccurring.


“Your Recovery serum has achieved tremendous results on my chest and neck, where my skin was damaged by years of dermatitis. Thank you!”  ~ LC

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I was helping my daughter recently and looked at her hands. I almost cried. They were raw, chapped, cracked and bleeding. She was using coconut oil, but it is not helping. I swapped her oil out with the Barrier Renewal Cream. By the next morning, her hands were a normal color, soft and she said they felt like “new”. My 15-year-old has now become a NeoGenesis fan for life!” ~ CB

Product: Barrier Renewal Cream

COVID-19 preventative measures are very important but the constant hand washing is wreaking havoc on my family’s skin. My teenage son had an eczema outbreak. The NeoGenesis Protection Trio (Cleanser, Skin Serum and Barrier Renewal Cream) helped his skin to start functioning normal again.

On the left, you can see the scaling and flaking and the picture on the right is 24 hours later using the NeoGenesis products. Significant reduction in scaling, flaking, and irritation.

So excited to see the results.” ~ BC – Hue Beauty Studio

Product: Skin Protection Trio

“I received the Cleanser, Skin Serum, and Barrier Renewal Cream yesterday. I used them last night and again this morning on my hands and I am in love! I currently have active eczema on one hand and with all this hand washing and sanitizing lately it started to spread. After just two applications of the three products, my skin calmed down completely. I wish now that I would have taken pictures so you could see how far my hands have come in one day. Your products are amazing!”  ~ AL

Products: Skin Protection Trio

As a former RN and now Licensed Esthetician whose hands are constantly in water, I noticed that my hands became very dry and scaly, with a cactus-like look and feel, along with what seemed like millions of tiny bumps that would come and go. Just 1 1/2 weeks of using NeoGenesis Recovery 1x a day in the morning, my redness, bumps and blisters all went away. Thank you NeoGenesis for giving me my skin and hands back.” ~ HM

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Before + After - Dermatitis“I have had this rash for over 5 years.  I have been to multiple doctors and specialists over the years. We tried almost everything, but no improvement.  I started using the NeoGenesis products about six weeks ago, and WOW!  The itching has gone from an 8 to 10 down to a 3 in 30 days, which is such amazing relief. The area was also very tender to the touch. It is much less sensitive today. It has gone from a scaly, thick, rough patch of scabby tissue to actually feeling like “real skin” again.  I can wear shorts for the first time in 5 years, thanks to NeoGenesis!”  ~ MF


Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer

“Can I order some more Intensive Moisturizer? I love this product and it seems to be the only thing my sister’s sensitive skin can tolerate. I have been looking for something for her skin for years so this is good news! Dina suffers from terrible inflamed and sensitive skin – it literally sheds, builds up and sheds again, but she says it feels 90% better when using this product.”  ~ DR

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

Before + After - Dermatitis

“I have had a rash on the back of my legs for a couple of years.  It would itch and I had all these bumps running down my leg, it was really gross.  I was told it was some type of dermatitis most likely caused by stress and diet.  It was very annoying and I never wore shorts unless they hung below my knees. I am 19 years old, so my diet was not going to change anytime soon.  My mom bought me a product called Recovery by NeoGenesis.  I put it on twice a day and the rash was gone in a week.  Recovery is such a cool product!”  ~ DC


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I first used Recovery on my daughter’s rash.  She had a dry, red rash across both cheeks.  I applied the Recovery that night and was completely amazed when it was gone in the morning.  You could not see any trace of the dry flaky rash from the night before.  I have used Recovery on everything from a sunburn to cuts and scrapes with amazing results every time.  My 5 year old has been the lucky recipient of multiple miracles with Recovery and now every time she has a bump, scrape or cut she yells out “don’t worry mom I will just put some Recovery on it and it will be healed by tomorrow.”  I am constantly amazed at all the different traumatic skin conditions, cuts, burns, and scrapes that this incredible serum can help.  It really is the only thing you will need in your medicine cabinet.  I love it!  Thank you Neo!”  ~ SM

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I’m in love with this product. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to most products. Recovery has reduced the redness and scaly skin that often appeared on my eyelids. The puffiness and red under my eyes has also diminished. The best thing is the overall affect that I’ve noticed. My skin is smoother and softer with a more even skin color. I don’t have itchy, irritated spots anymore either.

I would highly recommend this product to those with sensitive or reactive skin.” ~ MD

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I just tried NeoGenesis Recovery for the first time and I was so impressed that I thought I’d let you know. I had a rash, caused from ivy, that I had scratched open in 3 places on my face/chin area. I used the Recovery 4 times and it was completely healed, and NO scarring. I usually take a very long time to heal, so it was quite shocking to see how quickly Recovery worked. Excellent skincare product! Thank you.”  ~ JF

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I am so amazed at how well your Recovery product worked on my rash, that I had to write and let you know. Approximately 2 weeks ago I noticed an Eczema looking rash on my forearm at bedtime. I have never suffered from any type of traumatic skin condition before, so I figured it was from something I had come in contact with during the day and it would go away by morning. I put my regular moisturizer on it and went to bed. The following morning it was red and inflamed and very tender to the touch. I was a bit concerned, but figured I would try a few other things before calling my Doctor. I had been using your skin care products on my face, so thought I would try them. I put some Recovery on, then followed that with some of your Intensive Moisturizer. Within a few minutes I did not have that burning feeling and the tenderness had subsided. I continued to apply both products morning and evening for the next 2 days and the rash went away completely. I have no idea what it was, but know for sure that, if it was not for your products I would have ended up at my doctor’s office, which is something I try to avoid. Thank you so much for these incredible products, I just love the way my skin looks and feels!” ~ KB

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

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