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Radiation Dermatitis

Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses X-rays to destroy cancer cells and shrink malignant tumors. Radiation therapy is effective on many different types of cancer.

A common side effect is a skin condition called radiation dermatitis, also known as X-ray dermatitis or radiation burns. Concentrated exposure to radiation causes painful, red marks on the skin. Nearly two-thirds of people with cancer are treated with radiation therapy. Of those people, roughly 85 percent experience moderate-to-severe skin reactions that typically occur within the first two weeks of the treatment. Unfortunately, these reactions can last for several years after the radiation therapy is complete.

During radiation treatment, concentrated X-ray beams pass through the skin and produce irradiated free radicals. This causes:

• tissue damage
• DNA damage
• inflamed skin (affects both the epidermis and dermis, or outer and inner layers of skin)

As radiation treatment continues, the skin doesn’t have enough time between doses to heal. Eventually, the affected area of skin breaks down. This causes pain, discomfort, and rashes.

Support for Radiation Dermatitis

It is important to work with your health care professional when dealing with radiation dermatitis. With the right approach, this side effect can be reduced or eliminated. The best method is often to combine topical and oral treatment options.

Protecting the skin of a patient undergoing cancer treatments is a must.  NeoGenesis products contain the S²RM® molecules that naturally deliver nutrient rich molecules to areas inflamed, sunburned and peeling from the effects of cancer treatments.

Gently cleanse the skin with our Cleanser, then apply Recovery on cleansed skin, twice daily for as long as needed. Abundant in S²RM® molecules, Recovery serum is the product to use anywhere the body is affected from cancer treatments.  Recovery immediately begins to calm the skin from the symptoms of cancer treatments. 

For additional hydration and barrier protection, follow Recovery with our Intensive MoisturizerBarrier Renewal Cream or our Body Cream and apply as often as needed to further calm and hydrate the skin, including the nail beds. Our gentle and hydrating Moisturizing Mist may be used throughout the day to combat dryness and discomfort on the skin.

Along with the appropriate topical products, patients receiving radiation therapy should be advised to avoid sun exposure by covering the treated area with protective clothing or chemical free sunscreen. Avoid topical skin irritants, such as perfumes, deodorants, and alcohol-based lotions, and don’t scratch of the affected area.



Skin Care Products for Radiation Side Effects

Before + After - Radiation“I started using NeoGenesis products when treatment started, and my nurses were amazed… My skin would peel but it never got to the point where it would blister or scab. I was using Recovery spray and Oralease for the inside of my mouth and they were amazed that I didn’t have any sores inside my mouth. I’m excited to get back to living life and I owe a lot of that to NeoGenesis.” ~ TG

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Oralease*, Barrier Renewal Cream, Essential Oils

*Products currently in testing.

“I hope this finds you well and that NeoGenesis is thriving.  Would it be possible to get some more Recovery, Skin Serum, and Moisturizer?  They really seem to be helping with the radiation reaction redness and sensitivity.  I had a facial today and the therapist commented that she saw major improvements over the last time (about 4 months ago), including reduced actinic keratosis on my nose.  I attribute that to the NeoGenesis products, since they are what I am using.”  ~ RS

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

Before + After - Radiation Dermatitis“While undergoing radiation treatment, my client’s skin became red, irritated and itchy. I immediately got her started on NeoGenesis products. Using a combination of Moisturizing Mist and Recovery serum in tandem and then Barrier Renewal Cream, the rash and burn on the chest area was completely cleared up in less than 5 months.”  ~ Katherine Aalbu-Ruward, Rising Sun Organique

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Barrier Renewal Cream

“Externally I suffer from severely burned facial and neck skin (I call it “mother of all laser peels”).  About a year ago, I have had the brief opportunity to use some of the NeoGenesis skin serum and facial moisturizer, both of which really seemed to help with the residual redness of the skin on my face and neck. Both areas were still extremely sensitive and red after almost 7 years.  Not anymore.” ~  RS

Products: Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

Before + After - Chemical Peel and Radiation“With a 2nd degree burn from a chemical peel, I was desperate for relief. Unfortunately, a plastic surgeon recommended a peel just 2 weeks prior to radiation. The peel was on my chest adjacent to my cancer, on my breast. The Recovery by NeoGenesis provided immediate relief. The blisters repaired and the skin smoothed out. The redness has dissipated and I am still seeing improvement. I am also using the Recovery serum on my breast and I am into the 9th day of radiation and not showing signs of redness. I plan to use the serum throughout radiation to prevent blistering and scarring.”  ~ DW


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“After six weeks of radiation her skin looked like she had two weeks of treatments. The Recovery serum really conditioned her skin, making it stronger and more resilient to withstand radiation.” ~ BW – Skin B Natural

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Before + After - Radiation and Mohs Surgery“This client underwent Moh’s Surgery and 25 doses of radiation for morpheaform basal cell carcinoma (BCC). She had a BCC to the medial aspect of the right inner canthus which has been treated with 25 doses of radiation and is well-healed. She is really appreciative and thankful to have the products.” ~ Rhonda Sparr, Belle Ame Aesthetics

Products: Cleanser, NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Oralease*, Barrier Renewal Cream, Booster, Skin Serum, Eye Serum

*Products currently in testing.


Before + After - Radiation“I had to undergo 6 weeks of radiation treatment for breast cancer, 5 days a week. I feel very blessed to have been able to use the NeoGenesis Stem Cell Skin Care Products, in order for my skin to heal. I used the Moisturizer Mist, Recovery spray, and the Intensive Moisturizer. These products are completely amazing! They kept my skin well moisturized during the intense healing process. I feel the products most definitely sped up my healing process as well.” ~ Sherri Widtfeldt, Sherri’s Skin Care

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Intensive Moisturizer


“I’m healing so well due to @neogenesisinc! I’m so thankful to be a part of their case study for oncology patients! I use their Moisturizing Mist Spray, Recovery serum, and Barrier Renewal Cream three times a day. Magic!!” ~ L

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Barrier Renewal Cream

Before + After - RadiationTreatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Holly Brown, Looking and Feeling Fab

PROTOCOL: Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer 3x Daily

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer



“This client underwent 25 rounds of radiation. The first photo was taken after all radiation treatments were complete. She started using NeoGenesis Recovery serum and Moisturizing Mist twice a day, one week after her final treatment.” ~ Khadijah Hewitt-Nelson, Soulstone Spa & Apothecary

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist



“I haven’t been diligent for my photos, but I can tell you the Recovery serum has really gotten rid of my radiation discoloring under my armpit.  Very happy about that!  Huge fan!” ~ SU

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

before-after-sm-webPatient: D.N. 

Condition Treated: Burns from Proton Radiation Treatment for:

1) New Breast Cancer-Intraductal Carcinoma in the left breast following Mastectomy (2017);

2) Reoccurrence after 16 years of Breast Cancer-Intraductal Carcinoma in the right breast tissue (2017); and

3) Treatment of Axillary Lymph Nodes on right and left.

A total of 33 treatments of proton radiation were received between Aug 2017 and Sept 2017.  As noted above, this was her second bout with breast cancer. The first occurred in 2001 and was also Intraductal Carcinoma in the right breast. She underwent two lumpectomies followed by a mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy.

Other Products Used Prior to NeoGenesis:  DN was provided with Aquaphor healing ointment for use from the Proton Center.  As her skin became more burned she applied Walgreens Sensitive Skin Aloe Vera After Sun Gel to sooth her skin.  There was more burned skin over the weeks of treatment, so the doctor added Walgreens Pain Relieving Gel (Topical Analgesic with Lidocaine and Menthol).  Cetaphil moisturizing cream was also added as an alternative after a few weeks for the Aquaphor.


Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Intensive Moisturizer

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